Kustom decals for your bike!

if you wanting to kusomise your bike, but are not in the position to outlay the money involved in get a Kustom paint job,

or want a kustom paint job and are un sure of what colours you want to go with.., then these are for you!

I have developed a kustom decal that you can stick onto your tins,

totally changing the appearance of your bike at a fraction of the cost.

the decals come in a range of designs and colours and also come laminated or un laminated,

meaning you can slap them straight on your tank and ride away (laminated),

or clear coat over them for a more authentic look.

or you can cut them up and mix and match them, airbrush over & around them, pinstripe around the edges,

there are lots of options in kustomising the decals even further to come up with something that no one else has ever seen.